Yap! Naturals Kingklip Chews 300g


Kingklip is a true African delicacy and one of the most common eating fish on South African menus! Treat your pup like a true king with this delicious new flavour.

Kingklip is naturally low in fat and pack with natural protein allowing your dog’s body to function properly and contributing to various aspects of your dogs health including maintaining and repairing the skin, muscles, bones and hair. Omega 3 fatty acids from fish can help to promote a healthy heart, skin and coat condition and aid joint mobility.

This product is available exclusively from Absolute Pets and Yap Naturals 

Key Benefits:

  • Full of Omega Fatty Acids great for skin, joints and healthy coats.
  • Great for chewing with allows for individual feeding.
  • Handmade selecting only the best pure Kingklip.
  • Sustainably sourced fish (Hake demersal longline, South Africa)
  • Contains zero artificial flavours, colourants, corn, wheat, salt or soy.
  • Our Premium recipe comprises of only natural ingredients.
  • Made in South Africa


100% Kingklip

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