Nutriflex Everyday Maintenance


Unlock happiness, vibrance and longevity — One scoop at a time.

Young animals are bursting with energy and vitality, but their growing bodies need extra support for their joints, tendons, and ligaments. Young+Active Everyday Maintenance Collagen for Dogs and Cats delivers comprehensive joint support to keep young and active pets moving with ease and confidence.

From puppies and kittens to young adult dogs and even canine athletes, our formula helps stabilise joints, prevent injury and speed up recovery from exercise.

Perfect for large breed dogs and breeds prone to joint development issues, it’s made with type I collagen, which makes up 90% of your pet’s organic bone mass.

This helps keep bones strong, maintain their tensile strength, and replenish bone mineral density, which can help offset degenerative conditions commonly seen in older pets.

So give your pet the support they need today for a long, happy, and active life tomorrow — naturally.

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NutriFlex is scientifically formulated to help offset degenerative conditions commonly associated with your pet’s senior years.

Joint Development

Support active and growing joints

Young animals grow very quickly and are incredibly active, creating a need for greater support for their joints, ligaments and tendons. NutriFlex Maintenance supports active and growing joints, stabilising and strengthening them to prevent injury while accelerating recovery from exercise.

Musculoskeletal Strength

Promote bone health

Bone health and strength are associated with an active life. NutriFlex is formulated with type 1 collagen which represents 90% of your pet’s organic bone mass. Collagen protein gives bones flexibility and tensile strength. A daily scoop of NutriFlex supports bone metabolism, preserves bone strength, and replenishes and restores bone mineral density.


Start strong to stay strong for life

NutriFlex cat and dog supplements are formulated to help offset some of the degenerative signs of ageing before they appear — ideal for large breed dogs and breeds prone to developmental joint issues.

Immune Support

Nourish gut health

NutriFlex can help protect your pet’s gut lining and digestive tract, soothe an upset stomach and relieve digestive ailments. Nourished gut health can improve your pet’s nutrient absorption while supporting immune function.

Daily Vitality

Relieve dry skin and itching

NutriFlex promotes skin hydration, coat vitality, and shine to help relieve dry skin, inflammation, itching and associated hair loss.

Active for life. Naturally

Start strong to stay strong with NutriFlex One scoop at a time – it’s a great way to help dogs and cats enjoy an active, happier and healthier life whatever their adventure.

100% active (human-grade) ingredients from nature.

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