DigestiMax Extra-Strength Probiotics


Elevate your pet’s health with DigestiMax daily probiotics for dogs and cats, fortified with digestive enzymes for optimal nutrient absorption. Perfect for pets with digestive troubles or ageing animals. Ensure your pet’s gut health for an active, healthier life with DigestiMax.

Extra-strength daily probiotics with digestive enzymes.

A well-functioning digestive system allows your pet to fully absorb nutrients from their food, leading to a more active and energetic lifestyle.

Conversely, symptoms of a neglected digestive system are gas, bloating, discomfort or even bouts of diarrhoea — a distressing experience for both you and your pet.

Fortunately, DigestiMax helps to break down food into a more digestible form for better nutrient absorption.

It’s unique blend of five digestive enzymes ensures that your pet gets the nourishment they need from their food, especially from heat-processed foods that usually lack enzymes lost in processing.

Formulated to support normal pancreas and organ function, DigestiMax is particularly beneficial for pets who experience frequent gastric upsets and older pets whose digestive systems have slowed down.


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